The sculpture is now open. We had a fabulous turnout from all our loving supporters at Hrìsey. They sang us the Hrìsey song. We had a fire to mark the occasion and made a circle. A little bit of our energy is now permantently part of the landscape, the magnificent landscape of Iceland. We are very proud.

Stay tuned…the journey continues as we make our way home to Australia. We hope to return next year with a grant to complete the sculpture as designed, with the fiskur (fish) and the lùndi (puffin)

Support live artists, not dead ones


We are in Iceland, on site at the beautiful and remote island of Hrìsey. Right now! The people and the local government are supporting us. We have a real working sculpture construction site on the south end of the island, looking back down the fjord to Akureyri. A stone polar bear will emerge from the earth over the next couple of weeks. Be there or be square. Otherwise… check here for a blow by blow photo record of the work as it takes place.

Infinite Love (performance), Kansas City MI 1998

Infinite Love (performance), Kansas City MI 1998


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